About me

kpKerstin Pötter

Born and raised in Hattingen/Germany

My "career" as a textile pattern designer began in 1987 in the label weaving Bornemann & Bick company Sprockhövel-Hasslinghausen. At the time, we were still called pattern designers, eventually we were renamed as textile pattern designer, only to be referred to in later years as a product designer - textile. Who knows what will in the end become of us ;-)

In 1996, I went for Bonny Nice Ind. to Pan Yu and Hong Kong, came back to Germany in the mid-1999, established here my base camp and taught in different countries textile design and/or the application of CAD/CAM Systems at EAT Design Scope.

In June 2000, my partner and I became parents of a son, who demanded our 100% dedication. Travelling stopped, I settled down and worked as a freelancer for companies which I could reach on foot, by car or by train.

Engelen & Evers (NL) were among my first customers and have remained faithful to me until today. Thank you for your confidence.

In 2003, I was offered to work part-time for the "Rentmeister" manufactory. Today I appreciate very much that I was able to continue my formation with one of the best teachers. Thank you Mr. Rentmeister.

In 2006, I ventured once again into independence and enjoy being able to prove myself again and again in different areas.

For 25 years now I've lived with this profession and found myself during all these years – whether as employee, or as freelancer, or both – also in the service of the Bornemann family. Mutual trust is the most important requirement for good cooperation. Is there a better way to prove this? Thanks a lot!

Working together hand in hand, exchanging ideas, and respecting the knowledge of the other make it easy for us to materialize customer needs. I experience this each day anew in my cooperation with the firm Heins Etiketten GmbH. Thank you, guys, you are worth your weight in gold ;-)

From labels to ties and all the way to furniture, decorative fabrics and african damast, I'm braving every challenge.

Why not test me... :-D