Afrika-Damask / Hometextiles / Ties / Labels and more

For Weaving Mills

You get from your customers requests for designs or patterns of labels, ties, decoration-and upholstery fabrics or african damast and would like to have it implemented as a Jacquard File for your loom?

Then this is the right place for you!

All I need are the technical data of your loom.

The corresponding templates you can send me as an image file (.jpg, .tiff, .bmp, etc.) by email, except they were created by myself. Similarly, I can supply you with the Jacquard file in the format you wish (.ep, .upt, etc.). Thus, for our cooperation, the only basic requirement is internet access.


For Consumers

The new collection is created, and only needs to be woven?!

The corresponding weaving mill is found, but there is a lack of spare capacity among the in-house textile pattern designers?

Here I can help!

The corresponding weaving mill is found, but there is no textile pattern designer available?

I'm happy to help!

You want to have your collection produced and only receive the final product?

Leave it to me.